Embrace Your Super Power

I was invited to a phenomenal vision board party a few weeks back. One of the things the host did was set expectations on the outcome as well as ask everyone attending to do “pre-work.”

She sent a list of questions to which we provided responses in advance. The first question was: what’s your super power?

Although I have thought on several occasions about my gifts and talents, this was a good way to start the year — framing it up in the context of the gifts and talents that have been granted to me, yet actually are much bigger than me. Not skills I necessarily have honed, but things that come natural with very little work.

As I responded to her, I couldn’t help but draw a parallel between my super power and the image of myself as a superhero. Something like wonder woman — with the boots, the rope and the bracelets — only I have a cape. Yes,

I definitely have a cape. Still, the premise is the same, to use my power for the forces of good. How refreshing is that?


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