Kicking the Bucket List in 2017

I attended a creativity session for Chicago Ideas Week a couple of months back and heard entrepreneur Jesse Itzler speak for the first time. He opened up his session saying this, “forget your bucket list and start living your *^ck it list.” Boom! That’s it.

Many are touting 2017 as a year of alignment and fresh perspective. I’ve already read a fair amount about how the energy atmosphere of the year will inspire people to seek the things that come natural to them, and become more fulfilled and authentic in their journey. We can’t help to be optimistic about such a positive perspective, right?

While some people have already started to make resolutions that will set them up for a prosperous 2017, others have resolved to make no resolutions at all, and committed to going with the flow.

Clearly there is no right or wrong way to go about it. It’s whatever works for you. To help either way, CLICK HERE for a few super simple tips anyone can do to declare and realize an amazing year!

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