Maximize the Moment

Driving in to my office this morning, I stopped at a red light and happened to look over toward the car next to me. In it was a woman driver. She had her eyes closed, her head was swaying, her lips were moving, and she looked as if she was in a world of her own. I found myself saying aloud: that’s her song!

I often speak to groups of young professionals, corporate leaders, and the students at Roosevelt University where I teach, about the importance of loving the work you do. Doing work you love is like listening to a play list that keeps playing songs you love – back to back. It takes you to an authentic place.

Of course, work is a means for reaching our professional and personal goals. It’s a point of validation – and a source of pride when we can boast a certain title and pay that affords us to have the finer things in life.

But, at its core, work should be an extension of our true selves. Given how much time we spend doing it, it certainly should be something we enjoy doing and feel provides us the opportunity to bring to life our best and most valuable attributes.

The visual of the woman in her car is still stuck in my head. It makes me wonder: what would happen if every morning, each of us got out of bed and were headed some place to do something that made us feel like she felt in that moment. That’s the kind of stuff that shifts the atmosphere not only in local communities, but around the world.

I’m not sure if the woman in the car next to mine was going to a job she loved or not. What I am sure of is that in that moment, whatever song was on her radio, gave her a feeling of liberation and utter delight.

So today, whether you just started a new job, are looking for a new job, going for a promotion, or simply showing up to do your best work – just groove, right where you are – and maximize the moment.

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