Many of us are living a pretty good life. We have job stability, healthy family members, and can even take a trip or two every now and then. And when we’re living the good life, it gives us a sense of calm that we tend not to want to disrupt.

Just imagine though if the good life could be better. Imagine if we could minimize fear and anxiety around what tomorrow may or may not bring. Imagine waking up each day whole and happy knowing that you have the power to shape your day, and more importantly, your perspective.

I’ve been talking for some time about embodying the philosophy: bring your whole self to it. I have talked about it so much, I’ve ushered it into the universe and life has met me at a place that challenges me to do just that – be all in.

With a pending shift in career, family and my perspective and comfort level hinged on the good life I’ve been living, here I am. When it dawned on me recently that I have no limits in my life – none whatsoever – unless I put them there, I felt like a weight had been lifted. Life indeed has been good. Now, it can be greater.

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