Legacy of Leadership

Many of us desire to have a reputation for making an impact in our professional industry. But to build a legacy of being a leader, champion, advocate and humanitarian that inspires systemic change in our community, let alone the world, takes a person who is beyond dedicated. It requires someone who is relentless in the pursuit of purpose.

As the world celebrates the life of Nelson Mandela, there are lessons to be learned from The Long Walk that was his journey.

  1. You give and you get. The most fulfilled individuals are those who give of themselves and expect nothing in return.

  2. Everything matters – including your voice. Perhaps what needs to be said is yours to say and what needs to be done is yours to do.

  3. There is no substitute for being your whole self. He was as a lawyer, activist, prisoner, Nobel Peace Prize winner, husband, father and more –all before he took office as the first Black President of South Africa. Despite barriers, he saw no boundaries.

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