Face of a Champion #MondayMotivation

What does a champion look like? Don’t read ahead. Really, stop for a second and think through your personal perception of who, and what, characteristics comes to mind. Do you have a visual?

I had the pleasure of speaking at ColorComm, to a group of women who represent the shining and rising stars in the communications industry. The topic was “Brand You.” A subject like that can get pretty heavy with clichés like: “believe in yourself and don’t compromise.” But, the truest insight and advice I could share with this group was to be bold in what is unique to you. No matter where you are, think about – and, even better, know — what you want. Play off of the proposition that nobody can deliver you quite like you can. And I would argue that, with all the billions of people in the word, there is a special thing in each of us that nobody else has.

There is a Yahoo! story that brought this message full circle. A young man – Leonard Cooper – competed and won on Jeopardy!, due to what host Alex Trebek called, “a gutsy move.” Before the final round, Leonard wasn’t projected the winner. But his final response, however, was in concert with his approach to earlier responses, reflecting the same proverbial swagger and boldness. Leonard stayed his course, not daunted by the scoreboard, the cameras, or the clock. What I love most is that he appeared to be different – and as it turns out, he was.

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