Master Class

July 25, 2015

From my freshman year of high school through a college stint of studying to be a Pharmacist, then landing and enjoying a remarkable career in public relations, and ultimately writing a whole new chapter to become partner in a multimedia production company, the desire to become an educator never left me.  


Coming into last year, I did as I normally do and elected not to set New Year’s resolutions. Instead I took the time to express gratitude for the life I have and reflected on how the year might bring even more elements of the life I’ve always wanted. With no specific end goal in mind, I asked myself: “if not now, when?”


I recall being very deliberate in taking quiet time to listen to my own voice. What I heard were three simple words: I…am…ready.


Within a matter of months, I was all set up to teach Crisis Communication at my graduate school alma mater, Roosevelt University in Chicago. And, I was building my reputation management firm and experiencing entrepreneurship at a higher level.


In the midst of it all, there seemed to be both chaos and peace. But isn’t this life?


The day of the first class, it felt like I was stepping into very familiar and comfortable shoes. I had put thought and effort into designing a syllabus and format that I believed would best benefit the students. But the one thing I underestimated was how much I would learn and glean in return.

A year later, my Masters classes have turned out to be an important and valuable new chapter in my Master Class of life. To date, I’ve had the extreme grace of being at the helm of three thriving communications organizations, experiencing life partnership, being a mom (twice), traveling to amazing places, good health – and more importantly, recognizing and embracing the true essence of who I am and what it means to tap into my own heart and soul, call upon the things meant for this time and place, and receive them.


Here I was thinking my longtime dream to teach was being fulfilled, only to realize my journey as a master student is continuing to unfold. Isn’t that just masterful?!



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